A Room of My Own

I have always only had shared space, in  the 38 years of my marriage.  Don’t get my wrong, I am not ungrateful for this roof, this dry space, this home with it’s fireplace, and warmth.  But this…this is special for me.  This is my very own room,  a place to read and to think, no computer, no TV, no phone.  Peaceful.

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I love this! What inspired you?

Posted by Reba on 8 March 2010 @ 5am

I ALWAYS thought it was peaceful. That’s where I’d go to be “safe” with my big brother when I’d have a nightmare. I just love that you guys live in that house!

Posted by Kris Kosinski on 8 March 2010 @ 7am

Ree…I needed a place where I could concentrate without distraction.

Aww thanks Kris!

Posted by joanek on 8 March 2010 @ 9pm

its much more peaceful in this shot than when it was my room!!!

Posted by chad on 23 April 2010 @ 12pm

Haha! Your room had personality w/a capital P though Chaddo

Posted by joanE on 23 April 2010 @ 1pm

Wow. This makes my apartment look like crap. lol. It simply LOOKS peaceful. Though, I do remember the “Personality” it had. Maybe in 38 years I’ll have my own :)

Posted by Kyle Culver on 25 January 2011 @ 2pm

Your apartment can be peaceful AND have personality…go for it!!

Posted by joanek on 25 January 2011 @ 3pm

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