I’m book purging. My inspiration was a This American Life piece about a man who retired, and tossed away all the old manuals, notes, books and papers from his old job. He said, “That was a different time of life. I don’t need these anymore”. So that’s how I feel about my books. By far the largest category of purged books is GUILT books: these are books I own because someone told me I should read them. Gone! Then there are the GIFT books, books given to me by my children and others, ┬áthat I will never read, but feel attached to because I love the giver. Gone. There are the CLASSICS: I have zero intention to read ┬ásome of my CLASSICS, but keep them because they are CLASSIC. Bye bye CLASSICS. Also, there are SPIRITUAL books, books that mark my decades and decades of SPIRITUAL life. Gone. Next to go are my JOURNALS. I am only keeping the ones that show me I haven’t moved past an issue yet. The rest are history. Literally. The last category of books to be purged is books that STINK. Yes they really have an odor. These yellowed trade paperbacks or books that are just plain old have seen better times. Away they go.


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i applaud your freedom to depart from the stuff of life that is passing and meaningless. Just don’t throw out any journals my kids will want to read one day when you are gone and they want to know where they have come from.

Posted by holly on 1 May 2011 @ 12pm

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