1. I work on computers.
2. I am surrounded by people who love to read.
3. The staff is friendly, kind, helpful.
4. Many horizontal surfaces are covered with reading material.
5. Databases!
6. Reading on break.
7. No library late fees or fines.
8. Reserved books and media come to my library mailbox!
9. Helping people on computers, problem solving .
10. Working for my city.
11. Learning from my IT supervisor.
12. Reading on the job.
14. Getting out of my bubble.
15. Seven minute commute.
16. A city parking pass.
17. Free DVDs.


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yea! Who knew? I think its funny how you are working at the library and my parents favorite date spot is the bookstore.

Posted by Holly on 29 January 2012 @ 9pm

It’s the best. Reader immersion.

Posted by joanE on 29 January 2012 @ 11pm

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