body painting in 1979

nate and chad invented body paint out of blue chalk dust and water….then smeared it on themselves. chad’s wearing his preschool name shirt.

the best book of the summer so far:  the girl who loved tom gordon
an amazing, non gory stephen king novel.  a real page turner.

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i actually remember doing that! and those suspenders are permanently emblazened in my memory

i wonder if I was wearing my brown cords. that would make the perfect ensemble

Posted by the one on the right on 28 June 2007 @ 8am

hey joanE sweet pic. I had rainbow suspenders like that too…i remember thinking that I I could wear them everyday if I wanted to, because of the color options of royg biv. then there was a day when the clasps tarnished and the colors of my other clothes changed enough and they didn’t work. it would still be a long long time before i knew anything about a sacks 5th avenue either. :)

Posted by Dana on 28 June 2007 @ 5pm

yea rainbow suspenders dont quite match those early 90s pastels. ahh the glory of pastels

Posted by chad on 7 July 2007 @ 8am

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