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Molly Beth

Molly Beth

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cabbage flowers

cabbage flowers  by joan E
cabbage flowers , a photo by joan E on Flickr.


D.I.A. by joan E
D.I.A., a photo by joan E on Flickr.

My Girl

Molly girl by joan E
Molly girl, a photo by joan E on Flickr.

Bethany Eva and Abi

Bethany Eva and Abi by joan E
Bethany Eva and Abi, a photo by joan E on Flickr.

Rose is a Rose

Rose is a Rose by joan E
Rose is a Rose, a photo by joan E on Flickr.


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This book has been around forever. I never could get into it though, the material is so intense. When Maria said she was doing a study group using this book, I was all in. I must have  a group holding me accountable to material of this kind. Nothing else would induce me to plow through massive amounts of questions each week. There were over sixty questions on our chapter reading for Friday’s meeting. Yet it’s one of the best studies I’ve ever done. Everyone raves about this book and now I am doing the same. Many of us grow up dysfunctional and boundary-less, and how can we learn? I’m starting here, studying my heart out with Cloud and Townsend and my book study group!


Nate aka Kester

Click for a better view of my second born son.
Fabulous elsewhere: one of my favorite reads.

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