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Men in the Family

Another blurry photo of my parents wedding day.  From left to right,
Uncle Pat  (now Brother Anthony), Uncle Major (Richard Kenneth…
killed in a car accident), Grandpa Malone (Mom’s Dad), Dad, Uncle
Bob, and Grandpa Shaughnessy.  I believe the year was 1947.

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Dad and Mom on their wedding day

Upon examining this scan in the photo lab where I work, I expressed my disappointment that it was so blurry.   The head of my department happened to be in the room.  He said something to me that I have never forgotten:  “JoanE, just be glad you have a record of your parents wedding day, blurry or not. ”   This mindset keeps my perspective straight.

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Grannie Annie Age 12

Grannie Annie age 12, originally uploaded by joan E.

This photo is about 1.5 inches square.  The original has a rip in the center.   A little patience, and some photoshop bring out the beauty and serenity of this little photograph.
Grannie is currently in her 80’s.

ipod, or this….hmm.

treasures from the attic

twelve days of christmas

day 10: archival photo of mikey, chad, me, tom, holly and seth. who took this photo? so pixelly…so long ago…pre-curly haired mike

twelve days of christmas

day 8: chad’s old lofted office. sturdy kimball construction care of nathan and chad kimball hauling planks of wood through the streets of chicago

I wanted a puffier dress. Sorry, Jesus.

first communion day

chad and mike’s song

chad and mike’s duet for chad’s high school graduation open house.
since mikey could not yet read, chad drew a picture for each verse.  mikey was then able to “read” the music, and sing each verse.
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body painting in 1979

nate and chad invented body paint out of blue chalk dust and water….then smeared it on themselves. chad’s wearing his preschool name shirt.

the best book of the summer so far:  the girl who loved tom gordon
an amazing, non gory stephen king novel.  a real page turner.

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