We were young once

Lexington MI

Long ago, my grandparents had a place on Lake Huron. I thought this rose arbor in Gram’s backyard was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. This is a pic of me and my younger cousin. All of us older cousins have great memories of staying at Gram and Gramps place. I think of it every summer.

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We were young once

This is one of my favorite photos

Dad and Mom on their wedding day

Upon examining this scan in the photo lab where I work, I expressed my disappointment that it was so blurry.   The head of my department happened to be in the room.  He said something to me that I have never forgotten:  “JoanE, just be glad you have a record of your parents wedding day, blurry or not. ”   This mindset keeps my perspective straight.

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Wisdom from a Friend

My friend Pammy darling would not allow my sons in her
woods without their orange during hunting season

FYI:  Zach is blogging again

Maggie’s house on Patton

We were young once, and my sis lived on Patton Street.
I read  this every day.  It’s real cheese whiz.