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water droplets

a little weary? emotionally healthy spirituality is the title of a must read. check it out over here. seth, thank you for showing me how to link properly.

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emma rose on a sunny day

this link is dedicated to david reese:  woot
go there every single day for the latest woot, and if you’re lucky, a bag of crap.
pretty hilario

the line

there’s probably a limit to the number of items in my backyard that i can photograph  in an artful manner….what do you think?

zena is a writer, and a good one, worth visiting …..often.  i heart ellipses.


evangeline takes a moment for reflection.

really fabulous animation…you think you aren’t interested in clicking here but you really must.  it took 6 months to complete this stop action vid.

yellow beans

yellow beans at market, early.  they have their own kind of humble beauty.

fun nerd site 

july beauty

yes, they looked that good.

and now, with no segue whatsoever, do you like eggs? click here

father’s day 2007

notes to self: 1. pose figures correctly 2. photoshop chad fam into portrait….love you all

a really fun way to tell the date and time

my garden

my little grandson sam’s favorite website

cherry season

elliot joseph

elliott joseph, born today to seth and molly….our 7.7.07 baby.
a link for the budgetary or the not so budgetary: the simple dollar

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