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Busy Lucy, Christmastime, 2009

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We were young once

This is one of my favorite photos

Men in the Family

Another blurry photo of my parents wedding day.  From left to right,
Uncle Pat  (now Brother Anthony), Uncle Major (Richard Kenneth…
killed in a car accident), Grandpa Malone (Mom’s Dad), Dad, Uncle
Bob, and Grandpa Shaughnessy.  I believe the year was 1947.

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Dad and Mom on their wedding day

Upon examining this scan in the photo lab where I work, I expressed my disappointment that it was so blurry.   The head of my department happened to be in the room.  He said something to me that I have never forgotten:  “JoanE, just be glad you have a record of your parents wedding day, blurry or not. ”   This mindset keeps my perspective straight.

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Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris 2009
One of the little shrine areas inside the Cathedral, a contemplative spot.


When I was young, I used to pray this way often in my church.

This is Notre Dame, in Paris.

Wisdom from a Friend

My friend Pammy darling would not allow my sons in her
woods without their orange during hunting season

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She’s a dearie for sure.

Creative time piece….it’s captivating

My Hero

St. Joan
Can you believe her courage?  She was killed for her Truth.

I must look in here for some understanding

Maggie’s house on Patton

We were young once, and my sis lived on Patton Street.
I read  this every day.  It’s real cheese whiz.

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