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It all started with Foyle’s War…Such a great series.

Then I moved on to Inspector Lewis. Love that Hathaway. It helps to be brilliant.

Now it’s the BBC’s Waking the Dead, about the Cold Case Unit. Oh,  Boyd, oh Dr. Grace.

No one does drama and mystery like the Brits. No one. Grace please be my therapist.

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This book has been around forever. I never could get into it though, the material is so intense. When Maria said she was doing a study group using this book, I was all in. I must have  a group holding me accountable to material of this kind. Nothing else would induce me to plow through massive amounts of questions each week. There were over sixty questions on our chapter reading for Friday’s meeting. Yet it’s one of the best studies I’ve ever done. Everyone raves about this book and now I am doing the same. Many of us grow up dysfunctional and boundary-less, and how can we learn? I’m starting here, studying my heart out with Cloud and Townsend and my book study group!

Social Security

Today I applied. ‘Nuff said.

Could this be in my future? Hmm.



1. I work on computers.
2. I am surrounded by people who love to read.
3. The staff is friendly, kind, helpful.
4. Many horizontal surfaces are covered with reading material.
5. Databases!
6. Reading on break.
7. No library late fees or fines.
8. Reserved books and media come to my library mailbox!
9. Helping people on computers, problem solving .
10. Working for my city.
11. Learning from my IT supervisor.
12. Reading on the job.
14. Getting out of my bubble.
15. Seven minute commute.
16. A city parking pass.
17. Free DVDs.