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mike and friends by the fire

for our family, winter means raging fires in the woodstove and lots
of them.  a fire for every reason.   fires at least once a week.
roaring, messy, woodchips in the carpet fires all the time.
mike and his friends warm their feet.

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three chairs

this house is for sale on holly’s street.  i was always drawn to the three chairs in front.  really, i don’t know why.


our time in france this year included much
loving care in the sharing of good food.
so much is accomplished in God’s way
like this. we try to stay in  places
where we have the space for french friends
old and new.

hookah pipes

tom and i like to eat at this restaurant in our town.
these pipes are available for those who wish to
smoke….in our b.c. days we were arrested for
owning these.

prayer beads

dave smooches emma at nana’s 80th

the davester in fine form.

by noreen

by noreen, originally uploaded by joan E.