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words of affirmation

each card contains words of affirmation, the ultimate birthday gift from my kids and grands.  i’m opening one per day for the next twelve days, rather than all in one day.  some days, words of affirmation are harder to come by than others don’t you think?…so i’m stretching mine out.

spring in the house

the calling cardinals, milder air, swelling buds, zena’s crocus in full flower
…..lovely spring. 


my first communion

maggie, pat and i celebrate my special day.

nana’s old violin

mom used to play the violin.  who knew?  i retrieved it from her basement
recently.  its in very rough shape, but still kind of sweet looking
after a rudimentary spruce up.

beware the ides of march

it snowed last night.  what’s that about?

mike doing homework

i love this portrayal of mike….deeply thinking mikey,
doing homework in the night.

golden shoes of my friend

hope is a good friend. she is kind and i appreciate
that.  are these shoes not awesome?  hope was kind enough
to let me take this close up of her golden shoes
in all their sparkly wonderfulness.

french door

rustic red door of a french country church

surrounded by orchestral sounds at the field museum in chicago

chad and abigail listen intently to beautiful music.
a school group had come
to perform as we completed our tour.
a perfect ending…

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