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this made my day

this istock photo of mine made the cover of a trade publication that tom receives regularly at our clinic.   what a surprise!!!  this same photo is also featured inside on an article about pet owners spending habits.

fabulous elsewhere:  God on Mute…Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer

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father and daughter

my girls

my girls all together.  not my best photographic work here, but they sure are my best girls, not counting my d.i.l’s.

worth a listen:
Psychologists have identified four key problems that lead to divorce: criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling. And the worst of these? Contempt for a partner. But identifying the root cause of a problem in a marriage is only half the battle.

  sound advice 


most uplifting words:  jay of the arvada vineyard


mike is an awesome model.  who else would do this for me?  ok…maybe zach.

elsewhere online:  grande’s posts are so from the heart…so real.


fabulous elsewhere: someday i will go to new york and visit this store .
come, some fine day.

the porch

looks like national geographic


but it’s really chicago’s southwest side.

i wonder:  the divorce rate for conservative christians is higher than for atheists and agnostics

chad and mike’s song

chad and mike’s duet for chad’s high school graduation open house.
since mikey could not yet read, chad drew a picture for each verse.  mikey was then able to “read” the music, and sing each verse.
fabulous elsewhere: arvada vineyard