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Seth’s Kiddos

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My challenge is to take a photo of Rebecca that she doesn’t dislike

It’s a tall order don’t you know.  This was a fun party that ended up by a roaring fire in my living room.  Nice.  Real nice.

I Was Real Happy With This Shot

The mother of the bride requested this photo.  I was quite pleased to be able to deliver.

Isn’t She Lovely

She was quite the  beautiful, mischievous bride.

Seth’s Jesus

I have always loved Seth and Molly’s Jesus.   Gettin’ my Catholic on when I look at Him.   He seems kind here don’t you think?

Tapping Trees and Drinking Sap

Chad is so into this, and really it IS quite remarkable to watch him tap the sugar maples on his Chi south side city street.  “Sap is like Jesus”, he told me.  “So good, and He never runs out”.


Chicago Gallery

A Room of My Own

I have always only had shared space, in  the 38 years of my marriage.  Don’t get my wrong, I am not ungrateful for this roof, this dry space, this home with it’s fireplace, and warmth.  But this…this is special for me.  This is my very own room,  a place to read and to think, no computer, no TV, no phone.  Peaceful.

My Traveling Buddy

Heading to Chicago with my Eva over semester break.   Grands simply rock the house.

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